This Hoarding In Bengal Mispells Iconic Mohun Bagan's Name As Something Very Cheeky. Didi Not Happy!

Was this intentional or just a typographical error?

It has not been even a week since the FIFA World Cup 2018 ended with France emerging as the winners, the football fever has not yet worn off. India’s biggest and oldest existing football club Mohun Bagan is in news for all the wrong reasons. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s brother Swapan Banerjee, the club’s new secretary, expressed issues regarding his cutouts with the misspelt Mohun Bagan logo on it.

The hoardings had ‘Hagan’ written on it instead of ‘Bagan’ (in Bengali). Swapan did not seem happy with the mistake at all and lashed out at the people who did it in a Facebook post,

“I am deeply shocked. Some people have twisted a certain portion of the banner and turned it into a vulgar one. I don’t know who all have stooped to such level and done it. I also don’t understand whether they want to malign me or tarnish the image of the century-old football club of Kolkata,”

Swapan vowed to find the people responsible and get them punished for such a disgraceful act,

“I don’t know who all have done it. But they will be caught very soon. I will not sit idle just by filing a police complaint. I will make sure that the people who are actually behind this are unmasked. I take the oath in the name of Mohun Bagan and to safeguard its lasting legacy,”

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Mohun Bagan football club is the oldest club in Asia and has a rich history. The club will celebrate it’s 107th anniversary on July 29. Mohun Bagan Under-19 team played a game against East Bengal Under-19 team on July 17 with final scoreline reading 1-1.