Juventus' Social Media Followers Increase By Millions After Cristiano Ronaldo's Signing

Cristiano Ronaldo is the king of social media, need we say more?

Juventus roped-in Real Madrid legend Cristiano Ronaldo, the most anticipated transfer of the year. Ronaldo has not even joined the camp yet and already, the move has an impact on the number of followers of the Serie A club. Though it was expected that the loyalty of a huge number of Ronaldo fans will shift from Real Madrid to Juventus, the numbers we’re seeing are simply outrageous.

Here is a look at Juventus’ social media growth —

Instagram — More than 1.5 million followers
Twitter — More than 1.1 million followers
Facebook — More than half a million followers

Not just social media, Juventus’ stock price has also gone up by 10 per cent. The announcement of Ronaldo joining the club garnered 2.9 million likes on Instagram compared to other photos which struggled to reach a million likes.

The followers are expected to increase on every platform as Ronaldo dons the Juventus jersey and takes to the field. Currently, the Portuguese has 74.6 million followers on Twitter, 122 million followers on Facebook and 134 million followers on Instagram.

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Juventus are bound to gain more followers and impressions on their social media handles in the coming days.