WATCH: Everybody is talking about this goal by Antoine Griezmann

This goal tells why he is currently one of the greatest footballers

There is a reason Antoine Griezmann is considered one of the top football giants in the world. The reason is that he can win a team a match any time. And that’s what makes him great. He showed his class in the match against Rostov on Tuesday as he scored two goals in the match for Atletico Madrid. His two goals in the match secured last 16 spot for his club in the Champions League as Atletico won 2-1 with 100 per cent record.

Out of his two goals, one he scored in 93rd minute that sealed the match for Atletico Madrid with a goal margin of 2-1. However, the one he scored in the 28th minute was rather special as he improvised a volley . He took the ball in the air and showed his athleticism to see the ball in the net. He earned praises for his goal. Atletico has maintained its 100 per cent record with the win.


When Griezmann scored his goal in the 93rd minute, he didn’t celebrate as he thought he was off-side. However, he realised later that he had won the match for his team.

Credit must also be given to Rostov as they defended well. They had a five-man defence that frustrated Ateletico for the larger part of the match.  As the goals were not coming, the team was in real danger. However, Griezmann showed his class as he managed to score  2 goals.

With this performance, Griezmann has entered the elite club of top 10 European scorers for Atletico Madrid.