Cricketer gets bail after ramming car onto the Mumbai station platform

Ranji cricketer Harmeet Singh was arrested on the spot and was booked under section 154 of the Railway Act (endangering the safety of passengers)

In the morning, pictures of a car on a railway platform started circulating on social media—a cricketer had rammed his Hyundai Verna onto the platform of Andheri railway station in Mumbai earlier today following which he was arrested. However, according to the latest information, the accused has been released on bail.

Reportedly 25-year-old Ranji cricketer Harmeet Singh—who stays in Malad, Mumbai—was on his way home when after dropping someone, he accidentally drove his car on platform one during the rush hour at around 7.20 am leading to chaos at the premises. Police have not yet confirmed whether he was under influence of alcohol.

Andheri railway station car

Ranji cricketer Harmeet Verma rammed his Hyundai Verna on to the platform no 1 of the Andheri railway station

Harmeet was arrested on the spot and was booked under section 154 of the Railway Act (endangering the safety of passengers) and thereafter, produced before the Court. In the evening, however, Harmeet was released on bail.

“Youngsters don’t tell parents about the whereabouts. Thankfully, no injuries have been inflicted to anyone otherwise who is responsible, we would get into the news next morning. I can’t tell about influence of alcohol yet because I also don’t know where was he,” a family friend of Harneet told inUth.

But the question of safety remains the same as this is the second such incident where people’s lives were put in danger at the Andheri station—on 25th November, in the afternoon Rajesh Yadav drove the car on the same platform. In both the cases, the accused entered from the same entrance and the officers had to stop them.  

The Western railway officials have no idea how to prevent such incidents. One of the officials on condition of anonymity said, “Entrance is for people and its boarder. So, some think it’s parking; in this case, he took a wrong turn as he thought there is a road under roof and most of the commuters get confused for the same.”

Andheri is a busy railway station and even after these two incidents, if the Western Railway doesn’t act then it will be difficult for railway commuters to walk freely on platform number 1—a freeway where anytime they can be pounded over by a car.