You really need some supernatural powers to pull off the #DoItLikeDhoni Challenge!

Can you do what Dhoni does on a regular basis?

Time and again MS Dhoni has proved that he is the best man for India with the gloves. His ability to hit the stumps from zero angles, flick the bails within a blink of an eye, and lightning fast speed, Mahi has got it all covered. His raw approach and innovative techniques have helped India win many matches. Remember the crucial T20 World Cup match when Bangladesh needed two runs from a ball? Dhoni removed his right glove, ran like Flash and helped India win the match by 1 run.

Over his career, Dhoni has pulled off many such stunts. If you think what he did in the 4th ODI to dismiss New Zealand’s Ross Taylor was a fluke, then think again. Rather, why not do it yourself and prove it? The new challenge that has taken social media by storm is the #DoItLikeDhoni Challenge. All you have to do is gather the ball and hit the stumps blindly. In case you are looking for some motivation, a group of commentators recreated the scene.

Michael Atherton and Sunil Gavaskar walk out in the middle, while Laxmanan Sivaramakrishnan gets ready to bowl. Deep Dasgupta is behind the stumps and Sanjay Manjrekar is stationed out in the deep. A flighted delivery, Atherton flicks it away to square leg and there’s some miscommunication between Gavaskar and Atherton. Flat throw on the stumps from Manjrekar and Dasgupta’s tries to pull-off a Dhoni style run out. While Dasgupta looked at the stumps while dislodging the bails, Dhoni didn’t.

England batsman Joe Root completed the challenge while fielding on Day 4. Root collected the ball from the deep and deflected it on the stumps. His attempt was unsuccessful as Virat Kohli had already made his ground. So if you think it is easy to do what Dhoni did, make your video and share it with us with #DoItLikeDhoni challenge.

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