With his remarks, Shoaib Akhtar adds fuel to ongoing DRS controversy involving Virat Kohli, Ian Healy

Pakistan's 'Rawalpindi Express rushed to provide reinforcements to Virat Kohli with his tweets against Ian Healy on the 'brain fade' incident

Pakistan’s former tear-away pacer Shoaib Akhtar, popularly known as ‘Rawalpindi Express’, has stepped into the ongoing ‘brain fade’ controversy that took place on Day 4 of the Bengaluru Test and attracted comments from various former cricketers. Recently, former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy came to the aid of current skipper Steven Smith as he termed Kohli’s behaviour on ‘brain fade’ moment as unacceptable.

Akhtar let out his verdict on the ‘Dressing Room Review System’ through his tweets aimed directly at Healy. He not only backed Kohli but trolled Healy as well, terming his comments as ‘self-goal’. He also reminded Healy of ‘case of pot calling kettle back’ in his career playing for Australia.

His sarcasm could not be confined in a single tweet. Seems like Akhtar has started favouring Indian players post-retirement. He has shown his love for Indian players while doing commentary during T20 Asia Cup and T20 World Cup in 2016 along with former Indian opener Virender Sehwag. He also became the pick of the trolls because of few exchanges between him and Sehwag during and post-match shows.

Even former Australian skipper Michael Clarke critcised Steven Smith and Peter Handscomb’s act on the field, asking the Australian support staff whether to opt for DRS or not. This controversy also sparked a battle between Cricket Australia (CA) and Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI).

Though, International Cricket Council (ICC) have tried to throw water on the flames by deciding not to take any action against Smith. They also mentioned in a statement that they are not taking any action against Kohli, too for his allegations in the post-match conference. Since Smith and Handscomb had admitted their mistake in the post-match conference, many wouldn’t welcome the ICC’s stand on the whole issue.