When Virat Kohli tried hard to speak his heart out!

What Virat Kohli is hinting at remains a mystery, lets keep it that way for 'O Captain, my captain'!

On the field he will give you a mouthfull, even more, if you rub him on the wrong side. But this a much more tamed version of the Delhi brashionist, Virat Kohli!

He recently took to Twitter and posted a video with a cryptic caption, ” When you’ve got something to tell the world. But you can’t yet.” He also hashtagged it as #Forever.

What does this mean?

Not cricket for sure, then is it about his love flame?

In all probability, yes, it is Anushka Sharma, we guess!

But why is he not ready to announce it to the world. There could be umpteen reasons behind it.

We feel, he thinks their public lives will get distorted or may be because Anushka Sharma and Virat are having a purple patch in their respective fields hence they are giving their careers first priority.

The young celebs are often spotted hand-in-hand during their romantic getaways or more recently, visiting an under construction residential high-rise in Mumbai. And yes, the alleged love-birds have always been ducking the cameras and reporters. So much so that even Karan Johar could not get the cat out of the bag when Anushka Sharma and KatrinA Kaif turned up on the couch in ‘Koffee with Karan’.

Meanwhile, Mahendra Singh Dhoni stepping aside as captain and Virat taking over as full-time skipper has propelled him to stay away from media distraction, as it could come in the way of his cricketing endevours, considering India has a packed calendar year.

In the video posted by Virat, he is seen making faces, twiching his facial muscles during the selfie-video.