When Jhulan Goswami was LOCKED in a room!

India v England, Women's World Cup Finals: Jhulan Goswami also has the highest number of wickets in limited overs cricket in the world

This could be the last World Cup for Jhulan Goswami. India will play hosts England on 23rd of July at Lords. Can the Bengal veteran exit on a high? Only time will tell. But it seems Jhulan Goswami was an addict for playing cricket at a very early age. She has also captained in India in the past. But what is striking is that she did not have a happy ride to the top, but it was a struggle for her.

Jhumpa, Jhulan’s sister, reminicised the early days. “She never wanted to go to school and her passion was cricket. Sometimes, our mother would lock her inside the house to prevent her from going to the ground. But that did not deter her,” said Jhumpa to One India.

“But she managed to get out of the room silently and go to the Friends Club to play cricket,” she said. Sujit Sarkar, secretary of Friends Club, nodded in agreement. “We all were scared after Jhulan came to the club. We knew her mother would come after sometime in search of Jhulan and then she would scold us. But having watched her passion, finally everybody in her family stopped trying to obstruct Jhulan,” he said.

“Jhulan went to the local cricket ground under the pretext of going for tutition. But the boys did not initially allow her to play. But in one match, the Friends did not have enough players, so they drafted in Jhulan. She took two wickets in that match and the boys began to watch her with more respect,” she concluded.

India had last made it to the finals of the Women’s cricket World Cup was way back in 2005, when they emerged second best.

She also has the highest number of wickets in limited overs cricket in the world.