When India U-19 team had a luxe hotel but no money for supper!

Players have had to fend for themselves for dinner after play, and rely on their parents for money.

Such instances in India are associated with sports other than cricket. Cricketers anywhere in the subcontinent are treated as heroes, hence this comes as a ‘bolt from the blue’.

The coach of this team is Rahul Dravid, now imagine the ‘wall’ having to face all this, it is grave, considering his status.

The moot reason of this is the absence of an official signatory to release funds after the Supreme Court removed BCCI secretary Ajay Shirke, and the cash withdrawal limit of Rs 24,000 per week following the demonetisation policy.

Now, things have taken such an ugly turn that these players have to ask their parents to send money for food. Usually junior cricketers get a daily allowance of Rs. 6,800 per day.

The Englaish team is playing the India U-19 in a 30-day home series.

A member of the Under-19 team, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “We are managing somehow. During match-days, one meal is organised by the host association and breakfast is complimentary at the hotel. But the biggest problem is dinner. We are put up in a posh hotel in Mumbai where a sandwich costs over Rs 1,500. Players have no option but to step out for a meal after a tiring day on the field.”

All players are now relying on money sent by their families. “Even if you want to complain, who will you complain to,” one of them said.

The condition is getting worse day by day as most players do not come from well-to-do families, hence it is a real burden for them.