When a local cricket-fight spelt the death of a Bangladeshi teenager!

A friendly game between neighbourhood teams turned ugly as a stump thrown in the air accidentally hits the fielder and leads to his death

A grave day for cricket as a 14-year-old Bangladeshi teenager died on-field while playing cricket today. Does it remind you of a certain Phil Hughes? The teenager, who was playing in his locality suffered a blow on his neck when a neighbourhood game turned ugly. According to Bangladesh police, the teenager, Faisal Hossain, was fielding during a friendly game between neighbourhood teams. He was positioned close-in.

According to reports, the batsman got angry when he was stumped/bowled. He turned violent and hurled the stump in the air and that hit the deceased who was also playing. It hit the young cricketer on his neck and head while he was positioned close to the batsman.

The batsman, whose name is not revealed, considering his age, has been detained and will be prosecuted for causing unintentional death.

This is not the first incident of this nature, in Dhaka recently, a 16-year old succumbed to the same fate after the teenager taunted the umpire over a no-ball. This also highlights the fact that in Bangladesh, even ‘mohalla’ cricket is taken seriously. But the incident has to be said, was petty.

Such incidences are bringing a bad name to the ‘Gentleman’s game’, which was once played by the Royals.

This again brings us the square one, ”will such instances stop parents from encouraging their kids to take up the sport?”

In physical contact sports, such incidents are still expected but considering it is cricket, the general notion is very different, hence such instances are ‘rarest of rare’.