How MS Dhoni trapped England with his clever strategy

By playing the practice matches against England, he will kill two birds with one stone

The reason behind MS Dhoni’s success as a captain in all the formats of the game is his sharp mind. He plans his kills well. He also has a trick up his sleeves for England. They also know about his trick, but can do nothing to escape it. What is MS Dhoni planning?

England will play two warm-up matches against India A on January 10 and January 12. They want match practice ahead of their ODI series against the senior Indian team. But that is where they are being trapped.

Indian captain MS Dhoni will not get any match practice until the series against England. So he will be playing for India A against England.

This is a clever strategy by Dhoni. By playing the practice match against England, he will kill two birds with one stone. He will get the match practice, and he will gauge their strategy in the series. Also, Dhoni as a batsman would play the bowlers before the series.

England will be wary of MS Dhoni’s intentions. They will try to disclose as less as they can. But Dhoni can only gain from these matches. He is currently practicing hard with the Jharkhand Ranji team. Though he won’t play the Ranji matches for Jharkhand as he has retired from Tests, he certainly has big plans for the India A matches.

India and England are currently playing a 5-match Test series. England managed to draw the first Test but lost the next two by huge margins.