Watch: We DARE you: Dear Australian media, Indian counterparts have a questionnaire for you!

India vs Australia: Australian media stepped in and called Virat Kohli, a child, Donald Trump, classless and so on and so forth

It seems like the Australian media’s love affair with Virat Kohli is not going to stop anytime soon. After drawing parallels of Indian skipper Virat Kohli to Donald Trump, they have now taken it a step forward, touting Virat as ‘classless’. So, here is the Indian media’s sensible approach to your jibe.

Kohli initially stepped into the firing line when he accused Australian skipper Steven Smith of systematically abusing the DRS after the Aussie captain admitted looking to his team dressing room when considering whether to appeal his dismissal in Bengaluru.

It was also reported that Ajinkya Rahane was called by his IPL teammate Steven Smith for a drink to which Rahane said he would reply later. In a bid to divide the team, Mitchell Johnson said that Rahane should continue as captain and not Virat Kohli.

That is when the Australian media stepped in and called Virat Kohli a child, drew parallel with US President Donald Trump, titled him classless and so on and so forth.

To the ever so obnoxious Australian media, here is a questionnaire:

Is Australian media drunk or in love with the blue-eyed boy of Indian cricket, Virat Kohli?

The Indian media has never reacted in this manner then what is getting you folks so perturbed, a Delhiite?

Purists have called this Border-Gavaskar series to be the most ‘toxic’ ever? Hasn’t that hurt your fraternity?

What makes you feel that Virat Kohli holds any resemblance with Donald Trump?

Lately, Australian media has also stated that Virat Kohli is ‘classless’, does cheating or abusing make someone classy?

Dear Australian media, do you folks call yourself journalists/ tabloid specialists?

You guys called Virat Kohli a child because of the way he shook hands with Steven Smith. Is Smith mature enough?

‘Beergate: Kohli’s latest classless act’, this is what a headline in Australian papers read. Is this journalism—it reeks of ‘yellow’!