Watch: Sachin Tendulkar to AB De Villiers, hit wickets that will amaze you!

Kevin Pietersen is hit on the helmet by a ferocious bouncer, his helmet cocks out of the head and lands on the stumps

Among the many modes of dismissal, hit-wicket is a very rare incident that happens. Hit-wicket is a moment when a batsman while playing a shot, by mistake hits his own wickets in the process. Hit-wickets are usually funny because it is the lapse of concentration on the part of the batsman.

Here we present to you, five instances when a batsman was hit-wicket:

First instance: Sachin Tendulkar is the batsman and the match is being played in Australia. India is playing Australia and India is batting first, in the Commonwealth Bank series. India had already lost a wicket and Sachin Tendulkar was looking to get a partnership going. It was 2008, Brett Lee was the bowler, Sachin clips the ball of the backfoot towards the leg side, Sachin takes off for a couple. Brett Lee was quick to spot it, the bails has been dislodged, Sachin Tendulkar was hit-wicket.

Second instance: It was 2009, when South Africa were playing Australia, a battle of the equals. Shaun Tait was the bowler and AB DeVilliers was the batsman. South Africa were chasing a paltry 183. The Proteas had also lost a wicket. The ball hits AB, bam on the stomach. He is down on the ground, the ball hurt him. But to everyone surprise the timber had also been disturbed in the process. AB was down and out, literally!

Third instance: It is 2007 and England is hosting West Indies. The batsman is Kevin Pietersen, he is hit on the helmet by a ferocious bouncer, his helmet cocks out of the head and lands on the stumps. Kevin Pietersen knows he is out.

Fourth instance: This has to be the funniest of them all. Inzamam ul Haq is the batsman and Monty Panesar is the bowler. England is the venue, Inzy attempts a sweep. He misses the ball, his body weight makes him roll over the wicket. It is funny and it will be your comic relief for the day.

Fifth instance: India is playing England, Virat Kohli plays it of the backfoot, tucks it to the leg side. He does not realise, he has disturbed the stumps with his backfoot. The keeper has realised it, Virat Kohli is out.