WATCH: How third umpire gave Pakistan's Azhar Ali out when he was not

Field umpires sought to check whether Azhar Ali- who was at the non-striker's end- had reached inside the crease in time

Something curious occurred on Day 2 of the second Test match between Australia and Pakistan at MCG. Pakistan’s batsman Azhar Ali, who was batting at 93, had to suffer a rude shock after the third umpire pronounced him run out when he had clearly reached inside the crease before the ball dislodged the stumps. However, a few minutes later the third umpire realised his mistake as he changed his decision and adjudged him not out.

Azhar Ali’s partner Shafiq played a shot down the ground when Australian paceman Jack Bird tried to field the ball. The ball brushed Bird’s fingers and rammed into the stumps. Field umpires sought to check whether Azhar Ali- who was at the non-striker’s end- had reached inside the crease in time. The replay showed that he was well inside the crease. However, the third umpire still pressed the red button, creating confusion on the field. Later, the third umpire corrected his mistake and the green light came on, much to the relief of Ali who was in his nervous nineties. Later Azhar Ali went on to score a hundred and was not out at stumps on Day 2.

Pakistan were 310 for loss of 6 wickets at the close of play. Azhar Ali was playing at 139 runs. Mohammad Amir was on the other end as he scored 28. Azad Shafiq also hit a half-century. For Australia, Jackson Bird took three wickets.

Pakistan had lost the first Test by a narrow margin.