Watch: Glenn Maxwell mocks Virat Kohli's shoulder injury, Steven Smith joins in too, shameful act from Aussies!

Australian players are known for their mocking but this time they stoop to a new low, Glenn Maxwell, Steven Smith mock Virat Kohli's shoulder injury

We have seen Australia sledge players, trash talking to get wickets like Josh Hazlewood did to get Karun Nair out but this time even the worst of the sledges were put to shame. First Glenn Maxwell mocks Virat Kohli holding his shoulder with his hand after saving a boundary in a similar fashion that the Indian skipper did on Day 1 and got injured. It did not just end here as Steven Smith too joined in and after taking Kohli’s catch,

It did not just end here as Steven Smith too joined in and after taking Kohli’s catch in the second slip, tried to show him the shoulder similar to what Maxwell did after saving the boundary. Mocking a player is altogether different from mocking someone’s injury. Australian players in doing so proved

Australian players in doing so proved themselves, liars, as they said before the Test series that they would not be poking Kohli. But this time, they have crossed every line, if the new penalties were to be introduced, Australian players will be the first to be booked under it.

The mocking was in a bad taste and the Twitterati did not appreciate at all as they criticised the Aussies for such a shameful act. However, former Indian player VVS Laxman said that it was wrong from both the sides. By saying this, he referred to Kohli coming out of the dressing room and throwing his hands in the air, cheering with the crowd when Smith wasted his review.

Here’s that chance

The impact of the review was such that Vijay escaped a bat-pad catch to short-leg as Aussies had exhausted their reviews alotted for 80 overs.