Watch: Australian cricketers bring shame to Cricket, caught fighting on the field

Recently Australian media compared Virat Kohli to animals while their domestic players get involved in an ugly cricket-brawl. How ironic!

Australian players are known for their ugly conversations and sledging on the field but this time, their domestic players took it up a notch and pulled off a bar-like brawl on the cricket field. The incident happened in a rural cricket match where after taking a wicket the bowler ran towards the batsman and exchanged a few harsh words while sending him off back to the pavilion after knocking over his stumps.

At this point, it was quite acceptable that the players get passionate sometimes when they are in the zone but what happened after that will not please a cricket fan. The batsman shouldered the bowler, hitting him in the chest following which, the bowler fell on the ground.

On seeing this, one of the fielders who ran in to congratulate the bowler couldn’t restrain himself and pushed the batsman. The batsman fell on the ground and the Umpire and other fielders had to intervene in order to calm down the situation.

The incident happened previous weekend in a rural cricket match in Victoria between Yackandandah and Eskdale. The batsman represented Eskdale whereas the home team was Yackandandah. This incident happened right after Marylebone Cricket Club announced new rules which would start penalising players going against the rules.

It is quite ironic that the Australian media is criticising Virat Kohli and the team for their behaviour on the field and that, too, when their captain Steven Smith is trying to cheat. Meanwhile, their players are breaking every rule on the cricket field in the domestic circuit.