Watch: Another Sir Jadeja moment on the field, pays tribute to MS Dhoni with his signature back-flick runout

Well, what should I say! Ravindra Jadeja learnt it from the best. He reminded us of MS Dhoni's no-look back-flick runouts

The Day 2 of the Ranchi Test between India and Australia was clearly Ravindra Jadeja’s day. He got India back in the game with his razor-sharp line and length. But, we will get to that later. The talking point here has to be the runout he effected which got the wicket of Josh Hazlewood.

Steven Smith who was batting on 177 tried to take a couple of runs as he found a gap towards square leg. Smith was trying to get back on strike as he wanted not to bring Hazlewood on strike. KL Rahul fielded the ball and threw it back instantly. Jadeja did his own trick as he was standing in front of wickets at non-striker’s end. Then what he did made headlines as the Australian team bundled out for 451.

Jadeja knew he was in the line of the throw, the slight mix-up between Smith and Hazlewood meant that there is a chance if Rahul hits the bull eye. Jadeja did what MS Dhoni used to do when he was a wicketkeeper, he flicked the ball towards stumps changing it’s trajectory. Much like what Dhoni used to do, the back-flick went onto the stumps and dislodged the bails in a flash.

The whole team went up as they have ended the Australian first innings, the Third Umpire referral was a mere confirmation as we all know Jadeja’s swag. He walked off the field like a boss with his iconic shades and raising the ball having taken a five-wicket haul and enforcing a beautiful Dhoni-like runout.

All we can say is Dhoni would be proud and he would have a smile on his face when he watches this runout.