Watch: Ahmed Shehzad gets seriously hurt after collision with West Indian player, rushed to hospital

The Pakistani fielder showed signs of concussion as soon as he collided with West Indian batsman Chadwick Walton's pads trying to save a single

Pakistan’s fiery batsman Ahmed Shahzad got involved in a nasty collision on the field during the second T20 against West Indies on March 30. The incident happened in the fourth over of West Indies’ innings as Sohail Tanvir was bowling in the powerplay overs. Marlon Samuels played the ball with soft hands and tried to take a quick single. Chadwick Walton answered the call immediately and rushed towards the striker’s end. But, what happened next was disheartening for every cricket fan.

Ahmed Shehzad came running fiercely from the point position in order to stop the single and run Walton out but in an attempt to do so he collided with the West Indian pads and fell on the ground instantly. The video shows that Shehzad needed medical assistance almost instantly he fell down.

Shehzad almost blacked out from the immense pain he suffered on the collision with Walton’s pads running against him. There might be a possibility that his neck had hit Walton’s bat as well. Everyone came rushing in from their fielding position. Samuels and Walton too seemed concerned with the intensity of Shehzad’s injury.

Shehzad received help immediately as he was carried in a strature and into the ambulance which rushed into the ground at the earliest. Shehzad was taken to the hospital where he received his treatment.

According to Pakistan’s physiotherapist, Shane Hayes, “Initially, [Shehzad] showed concussion signs and pain within the neck.” Hoever, PCB later cleared the air over Shehzad’s condition in a facebook post.

Pakistan won the T20 by a small margin of 3 runs as youngster Shadab Khan held his nerve and managed to save 14 runs in the last over even after he got hit for a couple of boundaries early in the over.