Virender Sehwag is ready for a biopic but has one condition

Virender Sehwag has not shun his explosiveness at all after retirement. His comic timing outside the field is equally sublime

Former Indian batsman Virender Sehwag was known for his sublime timing of the cricket ball. Give him a slight width and he would hit his shot in the square region like a tracer bullet. Give him a delivery slightly on the leg stump line and the ball would be dispatched in deep square leg region for four. If he didn’t get any width, he would make some room and hit it for six over long on. As a bowler, nobody could make a concrete strategy against him as he was just brilliantly explosive. And he has not shun his explosiveness at all after retirement. His comic timing outside the field is equally sublime. This reporter tried to bowl a bouncer of a question that he pulled out of the park for a maximum.

On the question whether he will be making a biopic of his own, Sehwag said he would if he was being paid by someone as much as Mahendra Singh Dhoni whose biopic was a super-hit at the box-office recently.

“Somebody needs to offer me good money the way it was offered to MS Dhoni,” he said jokingly.

When asked what name would he like to give to his biopic he said it was not for him to decide.

“It is not for me to decide. The producer will decide. I am not sure I am a good actor. But if somebody approaches me, I can give the story. How I grew up, how I became a good cricketer, what happened when I was growing up,” he added.

Sehwag offered a defensive shot when asked who he would like to be his actress.

“You ask my wife who would be the lead actress,” he quipped.

Virender Sehwag, who is stumping friends and rivals using his super-funny tweets, has come out with his web series ‘Viru ke Fande’. The two minute funny videos were released on Tuesday on Sehwag said he will put out maximum 2 minutes funny videos of his insights on life along with his stories on the field.

“A lot of people do that. They take humour out of their lives and put on the web and make shows. Kapil Sharma made a one hour show. My fandes are for maximum a one and a half minute.

“I learnt from my married life, from my cricketing life and I gave examples of my cricket innings. I have shared my experiences on the field and off the field. Hope people love it,” he added.