Virender Sehwag fails to become team India coach. So what, he's chilling. Find out where. See Photos

Team India coach: The grapevine carried that it was a toss-up between Virender Sehwag and Ravi Shastri

Not Virender Sehwag, but Ravi Shastri was chosen to become team India coach. But has that bogged down Virender Sehwag? No way! In fact, he is taking time out to chill out and make the mostb of his life and times. The fight to become Anil Kumble’s successor saw a five-way fight between Ravi Shastri, Virender Sehwag, Tom Moody, Richard Pybus, Lalchand Rajput. But it was Ravi Shastri, a former director of the same team, who was reappointed, but this time as the head coach of the national cricket team. The decision was taken by the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), which comprised of Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman, after interviewing the shortlisted candidates.

Ravi Shastri was selected but there was ample drama before that. The grapevine carried that it was a toss-up between Virender Sehwag and Ravi Shastri. We are certain Virender Sehwag’s heart must have broken, but he did not allow the world to get a sneak into it.

So where is Sehwag, oops sorry, the ever-so-vocal Virender Sehwag?

It seems Sehwag is chilling, a way to put all that happened behind. This is good that he is not allowing bad blood to brew within himself, hence he has gone to Canada for a vacation it seems.

Chilling in Canada #traveldiaries

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He took to Instagram to give the world a peep into what he is upto. He captioned the image  as, “Chilling in Canada #traveldiaries“. We are certain Viru paaji, as he is fondly touted is having a ball in Canada. In this picture he is standing on the backdrop of a serene lake, surrounded by hills, giving a valley feel.

In another picture that he uploaded, we spot him inside a shop, probably in a mall in Canada, where he is trying out clothes. He seems to be out shopping.

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