When Virat Kohli and 4 other cricketers were caught with pants down during a live match - Watch

These players have played some exemplary cricket on the field but it could not save them from the wrath of the cameraperson

Cricketers are known to pump in extra fuel to save a boundary. They give their everything on the field to hamper the opposition from having one or two extra runs, and in doing so sometimes they suffer a wardrobe malfunction. Though the moment turns out to be a laugh riot for the viewers and fellow fielders, we can’t imagine how embarrassing the moment usually is for the fielder. The videos of ‘cricketers caught with their pants down’ have been making rounds on the internet and are one of the most-watched videos on YouTube.

Let’s take a look at the list of the cricketers who lost their pants on the field, literally!

Virat Kohli

Can a list even be made sans Virat Kohli? The Indian skipper is a spirited fielder and throws himself at the ball to save runs, especially when it’s close to the boundary line. A similar incident happened while playing against Sri Lanka as the latter were cruising towards victory. Despite the odds, Kohli made a dive to stop the ball from going to the boundary. In an attempt to do that Kohli ended up losing his pants as they slid down to his knees.

Kohli’s attempt was the only takeaway from the game that India lost. Yuvraj Singh was in splits after watching Kohli drop his pants and could not control his laughter.

Yasir Shah

Pakistan was playing against South Africa and had an edge over the Proteas. Shahid Afridi was bowling to Kyle Abbott and Yasir Shah was fielding at the fine leg position which was a bit square. Abbott flicked the ball with a deft touch, that rolled towards the boundary. Shah took to the chase and tried to stop the ball from reaching the boundary. The four could not be saved by Shah’s boundary, instead, he ended up losing his pants. Though he was quick to pull them up.

Michael Vaughan

Michael Vaughan was fielding at the mid-off position as Tim Bresnan bowled a full-pitched delivery to West Indies batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul. The ball was pushed towards mid off (a little straighter), and in an attempt to stop the ball from reaching the boundary Vaughan plunged. However, the ball slid out of his reach and so did his pants when they slipped. Even the commentators couldn’t stop laughing in the commentary box.

Lou Vincent 

Lou Vincent can be said to be the most committed fielder in the list. He was fielding against West Indies in an ODI in 2006. He is the only cricketer on the list who was able to save the boundary by a fine margin. He, however, could not save his pants as went way down the knee. Vincent did not pay heed to his embarrassing situation, picked up the ball and threw it back to the wicketkeeper.

Neil Mckenzie

The South African batsman Neil McKenzie was fielding in the mid-wicket position when Bevan flicked the ball on the back foot and found the gap. Mckenzie put in a dive but could not manage to even touch the ball as it was out of his reach by a wide margin. Mckenzie was quick to pull up his pants and save himself from more embarrassment. The incident left Shaun Pollock in laughs.

Bonus Video: Stuart Broad

This happened on the field but not during a match, it happened during a practice session where Joe Root decided to play a prank on the bowler. Root is known for his witty nature and pranks. Root pulled down Broad’s pants and ran away.

Broad was shocked and started running after Root but did not have any luck catching him. At the end of the day, it were Broad’s teammates who led to his embarrassment.