Virat Kohli reveals the day he of his retirement ahead of 29th birthday — Watch Video

Virat Kohli is currently one of the best batsman in world cricket and has his performance to back it up

Virat Kohli is one player whose retirement is bound to stun everyone around the world. In a recent interview with Gaurav Kapur on the show Breakfast with ChampionsKohli went on a revelation-spree. He talked about his teammates. revealed the bowler he did not want to face in the initial face of the career and also talked about the time he would hang his boots. The Indian skipper revealed that he will stop playing the game when his ‘passion ends’.

He felt that when the passion ends it becomes ‘more of a participation thing’. He does not want to drag himself more than his body could take. He elaborated:

“When the feeling of pushing oneself back from failure subsides and the ability to try yet again stops, continuing from there on is impossible for a sportsperson. I’ll stop playing when I feel I am just standing on the field without the passion and energy of winning, when the game becomes “more of a participation thing,”

Here’s the video of the interview –

Kohli recently surpassed Ricky Ponting to score the second most number of centuries in ODIs. With 32 centuries, he is only second to India’s cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar in the list who has 49 ODI centuries.