Virat Kohli painting by Sasha Jaffrey brought by British Indian entrepreneur for whopping £2.9 mn

Virat Kohli painting: British Indian businesswoman Poonam Gupta on Monday bought a painting of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli for £2.9 million

Yes, it is true, Virat Kohli, the captain of the Indian cricket team is seriously an advertiser’s dream. It seems Mahendra Singh Dhoni has passed on the midas touch to his successor. Virat Kohli is currently in United Kingdom for the ongoing ICC Champions Trophy 2017. India take on Bangladesh on the 15th of June in semi-final 2. But ahead of all that something else has happened. Virat Kohli we all know has a big heart, he also gets involved in a lot of charitable activities. Sasha Jaffrey, the renowned painter is the person who has crafted the painting where it is the entire Kohli-journey in a piece of art, not bad. The painting was brought by British Indian entrepreneur Poonam Gupta for a whopping £2.9 mn. The painting was displayed at a charity function organised by the Virat Foundation, according to PTI reports.

The Indian captain is reported to have joined hands with the likes of ex-England football captain David Beckham, former Indian skipper and his predecessor, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and teammate Yuvraj Singh for their charities and causes. Poonam Gupta, the buyer, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a Scotland-based company named PG Papers told PTI, “What I like about this young generation of Indian cricketers is that they are responsible and want to make difference on and off the field. I am very connected to the cause taken up by Virat”.

The British Indian entrepreneur also said, “Slavery has no place in this world and we need to stand up and do our bit. I am glad Virat has come forward against this evil and by buying this magnificent piece of art created by my favourite artist Sasha Jaffrey, I tick two boxes. I take a rare masterpiece to my home and also help this noble cause in my own way”.