Virat Kohli decides not to speak on Head Coach selection until BCCI asks for suggestions

Ahead of the 3rd ODI against West Indies, Virat Kohli addressed a press conference and said,"If asked we will give our suggestions to BCCI"

After a long episode of the Anil Kumble-Virat Kohli clash after Kumble stepped down from the post of the Head Coach of Team India, finally, the Indian captain has decided not to open his mouth on the selection of the new coach unless he’s asked by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). He stated that neither he nor the other members would have a say on this matter.

Ahead of the 3rd ODI against West Indies, Virat Kohli addressed a press conference and said,”If asked we will give our suggestions to BCCI.”

“We will voice our opinion as a team only when BCCI will ask us. The board has put a process in place and we respect that as a team. Personally, I can’t pinpoint anything specific or give any detail. We as a team don’t care for perceptions. As a team, we only voice our opinions when being asked by the BCCI there to give us suggestions. That is something we’ve always gone through as a process,” Kohli said.

“We just follow the process and procedure and it’s nothing like segregating the things. The suggestion is given to the Board who handle the procedure and there is no point of saying anything in open.”

Earlier, Anil Kumble surprised everyone after he announced his resignation through his Facebook post. In his post, he wrote: “…I was informed for the first time yesterday by the BCCI that the captain had reservations with my ‘style’ and about my continuing as the head coach. I was surprised since I have always respected the role boundaries between captain and coach. Though the BCCI attempted to resolve the misunderstandings between the captain and me, it was apparent that the partnership was untenable, and I, therefore, believe it is best for me to move on.”

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