Umpire Taking An Eternity To Give Faiz Fazal Out Is All Of Us On A Monday Morning!

You gotta feel Faiz Fazal, he had no idea about the decision coming his way

For a few moments, umpire Nandan looked like that back-bencher caught snoozing by the teacher.

That’s the story behind Vidarbha skipper, Faiz Fazal’s  bizarre dismissal yesterday. The opener was batting on 27 against Rest of India on Day 2 of the First-Class match. He came forward to spinner Krishnappa Gowtham, trying to defend but took the bat away from the ball at the last moment. Wicketkeeper, Ishan Kishan, caught the ball as Gowtham and the team appealed for the catch.

Skipper Ajinkya Rahane and the fielders inside the 30-yard circle were confident of the catch but umpire Nandan did not seem to be convinced. However, just when the fielders were going back to their opposition, Nandan raised his finger surprising everyone.

He consulted the square-leg umpire standing at his position for a catch taken off the outside edge by the wicketkeeper. Fazal stood at his crease in disbelief trying to digest what just happened. Had DRS been there in place, Fazal could have gone for the review but the absence of it forced him to walk off the field.

The substandard umpiring in domestic cricket games has been a worry for players and the board. Players’ selection depend on their performance in domestic cricket. One performance can make or break someone’s career. Poor umpiring in domestic circuit has been given birth to a strong voice asking for use of DRS (Decision Review System) in domestic live games. The baffling decision in ongoing Irani Cup match between Rest of India and Vidarbha has only made this voice stronger.

Here’s the video of the dismissal:

The reactions were bound to be against the umpire who seemed to be taking a power nap between the deliveries:

P.S. The Umpire was so slow in taking the decision that Ravindra Jadeja could have bowled two deliveries till the time he raised his finger.

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