Watch this video of Umar Akmal getting bowled by a women cricketer and you will laugh for next 24 hours

Umar Akmal takes a women cricketer lightly, gets out in the funniest way possible in an exhibition match, poor fitness levels take a toll on shot selection

Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman Umar Akmal who was sent back by Coach Mickey Arthur after multiple fitness tests made a fool of himself once again. Akmal is spending his time vacationing these days in Norway where he was asked to play in an exhibition match of two women teams including players from Pakistan origin. Akmal was asked to grace the match with his presence in order to attract the crowd for revenue but little did he know that his batting video will go viral for all the wrong reasons.

After watching the video, it seems that Akmal took the bowler Isma Ahmed too lightly. She bowled with a minimal runup, bowling an almost wide delivery to Akmal. The 27-year-old played an awkward shot altogether shuffling towards the offstump line. Instead of playing the ball towards offside he tried to work it on the off side with a bizarre shot. The ball took an inside edge and went straight through the stumps.

All the players in the opposition team were ecstatic as Isma Ahmed had taken the wicket of a batsman with international stature. the batsman who has played over 100 ODIs for Pakistan threw his wicket away in a bizarre manner, what was more depressing was the grin that he had on his face while walking back to the dressing room.

However, the delivery from Isma Ahmed was not a legitimate one as she did not swing her arm properly and it was more like a throw from her. But, there was no pace on the ball which would have caused a major problem for the batsman leading towards his wicket.

This is not the first time Akmal has trolled himself. Recently he posted a picture of himself posing with a Bentley which got him trolled on Twitter badly. After Pakistan’s ICC Champions Trophy 2017 triumph, it seems like Akmal will be out of the side for a while.