Tongue-in-cheek! Virender Sehwag at it again, this time he finds Wasim-Waqar in his radar

A story, which quotes former Pakistan cricket team player Wasim Akram saying Waqar Younis wanted to stop Anil Kumble from achieving the record by getting run out, was tweeted by Virender Sehwag on Wednesday.

Once a marauder with the bat, now he is creating a rage with his tongue-in-cheek comments. Virender Sehwag is the ultimate showman.

The event we are putting to light occurred seventeen years back at the Feroz Shah Kotla where Anil Kumble bagged all ten wickets against Pakistan.

Apparently, while the last batsmen were on the crease, the ploy was to deny Kumble his ten, where he would match Jim Laker. So, Waqar walked up to Wasim and asked him to get run out, in order to deny Kumble his world record feat. But as somebody up there had written the script, Kumble managed to get his tenth by dismissing Wasim Akram who was looking to defend a ball on his front foot, only to be caught at the forward short leg.

Commenting on the incident, Sehwag tweeted, “Kismat ke aage , [sic] all saazish fail. Well done Wasim bhai. What a day it was at the Kotla by Anil bhai.”

Earlier, the story had quoted Akram as saying, “Kumble had got nine wickets and me and Waqar (Younis) were batting in the crease. Waqar came to me and said, ‘How about getting run out?’ so that Kumble does not get his 10th wicket.”

To this, Wasim replied that he couldn’t deny the feat if Kumble was destined for it. “But I can assure you that I’m not going to give my wicket to Kumble,” Akram said. “But subsequently it was me who gifted my wicket to him.”

In order to cover up the botch, Waqar took to Twitter and said, “This never happened!! I think age is catching up with Wasim Bhai #NotTrue.”