This kid wrote to Sachin Tendulkar that he doesn't like cricket; Master Blaster's response will make you respect him even more

Sachin Tendulkar once again replied to a letter from a young fan but this time the kid was someone who didn't like cricket,

India’s legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is known for being patient both on and off the field. Tendulkar is one player who has fetched admirers from every age group. The 44-year-old responds to his fan no matter what they write to him. However, the legend got a rather different letter from a young fan. The 12-year-old fan, Srihari Katti, who hails from Kanpur wrote a letter to Tendulkar and it was not a usual one praising the legend.

An open letter from Sachin’s young fan-

Tendulkar shared the letter received from the 12-year-old on Twitter. The kid wrote, “My name is Srihari Katti and I live in Kanpur. I am a very big fan of yours but not of cricket’s [sic]. I am reading your autobiography and I found it very interesting and extremely inspiring I myself play badminton. While reading your autobiography I learnt how to lose and correct my mistakes. I profusely thank you for developing these qualities in me. I always wanted to see you play in Green Park stadium but I unfortunately did not get the opportunity. I appreciate a lot whatever you have done, you have made us and the country proud of yourself. My respects to Anjali Ma’am”.

Tendulkar’s reply

Tendulkar is no different when it comes to kids. He replied to his fan on Twitter by posting a photograph of his letter with a message. The Master Blaster wrote, “Thank you for your kind letter, Shrihari! Glad to know that you play Badminton. Keep working hard always! My best wishes”.

This is not the first time that the cricketer received fan mail from Generation Z. Tendulkar recently got a letter from a 6-year-old girl where she mentioned that she cried after watching Sachin’s docu-drama film — Sachin: A Billion Dreams. Tendulkar replied to the kid and thanked her for the wishes, however, he could not oblige to the girl’s wish of meeting her family. But well, don’t we all want to meet him?