This is how Virender Sehwag helped his fan in fulfilling his dreams. Respect

One of Virender Sehwag's Twitter-based fan clubs asked him to wish a super fan of his a very happy birthday. Guess what? Virender Sehwag replied with a birthday message and it made the fan's day

Till 2015, he used to be the centre of attraction in a cricket field due to his monstrous shots and fearless batting. The entire country liked his batting more than any sci-fi film. Though he bade adieu to the cricket 2 years ago, however, the number of his fans kept on increasing. Yes, we are talking about one and only Virender Sehwag. It won’t be wrong that he is the only cricketer who is born with a SWAG. Earlier, it was visible on the cricket field and nowadays, on Twitter.

The entire world is aware of his witty tweets, his sense of humour and the style of dissolving controversies (if any). It could be wishing someone for his/her success of thrashing somebody, he does it like a boss. Recently, one of his Twitter-based fan clubs, known as V Sehwag Fans Fort, shared some pictures of one of Virender Sehwag’s fans asking him to wish a super fan of his a very happy birthday. Usually, most of the celebrities don’t even give a damn to these type of posts but, you know, Viru Paji is different. He responded to the tweet and fulfilled the request by wishing his fan named Shib Narayan. Sehwag wrote,”Happy Birthday ShibNarayan ! Have a great life ahead!”

And this is how Viru PAji replied:

Now, what a fan would need more than his idol wishing him on his birthday. The fan, Shib Narayan, was overwhelmed after getting Virender Sehwag’s response and replied with a thankful gesture. He wrote,”@virendersehwag…thnks alot virupaaji fr making my bday more than special….finnaly my dream came true…i cant even able to xpress my happiness in words…”

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