These facts are enough to silence Piers Morgan and his senseless trolls on Indian Women Team

Piers Morgan tried to get back at Virender Sehwag after India's loss to England in ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2017 final

England Women deserved every bit of the glory, they earned it. Beating India was a mammoth task as it became one of the most-talked about cricket matches in the history of women cricket. Indian women paved their way through to the finals of ICC Women World Cup 2017 and lost. The loss was not a humiliating one but a  close one and instead of trolling Mithali Raj & Co., a majority of people. British journalist Piers Morgan who is known for his unnecessary jibes at prominent personalities worldwide, and in India for getting slammed by Virender Sehwag did something which was considered in bad taste by many.

Soon after England’s fourth World Cup triumph Piers tweeted to Sehwag, “You OK buddy?”. Morgan had it coming from Indian fans for his senseless tweet. Sehwag shut him up with a perfect reply but Morgan continued to play his little game by posting the screenshot of his own tweet when he tried to demean Indian athletes effort in the Rio Olympics 2016 and also wanted to bet 1 million dollars that England will win a World Cup before India wins a gold in Olympics.

He was brutally trolled because in a way he had lost the bet already. India already has 9 gold medals in Olympics. Though this time around we are not trying to troll him but trying to show him a few facts that might make him realise and stop tweeting in the name of his own sanity.

It is quite respectable what England Women have done and their male counterpart could not do in decades of ODI cricket, win the World Cup. England Women have won 4 out of 11 WCs in the history of the game while England Men have had zero WC title to their name.

It is not just about titles, England Women have been fairly consistent too. At only one instance they have not been able to finish in top four (World Cup 2000). Apart from that, they have rocked in World Cup events, only behind Australia in terms of the number of wins (6).

On the other hand, England Men’s team have been able to reach only three finals in the history of ODI cricket and that too was decades ago. They have not even been able to qualify for the semi finals since 1992. World Cups (specifically ODI in case you tell us that they have won a T20 World Cup) and England Men is a story that always ends in them losing. Forget about World Cups, England Men have won only 39 out of 92 games played against India, lost 52, tied 2 and 3 with no results.

And before you question the Indian Women Team, they have performed valiantly by making it to the finals of WWC 2017 and taking the game till the last over. To give you a little background of the matter, India were outclassed in every department of the game when they met England Women on January 1, 1978. They were bundled out for 63 in less than 31 overs.

To suffice, they have come a long way and the brand of cricket Indian Women have adapted to, they might as well win the next World Cup. Indian Women have improved their record against England Women, they have won 21 out of 59 ODIs. But the way they played in the World Cup, they deserve appreciation and not the criticism, that too in bad taste.

P.S. India Women had beaten England Women in WWC 2017 in group stages, in case you forgot to tweet about that as well.