"There's brilliant ways to sledge", Moeen Ali Bats For Turning Up Stump Mics

In the light of recent events, turning up the stump mic seems like a good idea

The Aussies opposed the idea of turning up the stump mics before the infamous #sandpapergate tour of South Africa. But the tables have turned now. The broadcasters deliberately stop the commentary in between so that they can listen to the chatter of the batsman, wicketkeeper, bowler and the close-in fielders.

On one side, we have got the amazing banter between Tim Paine, Rishabh Pant and MS Dhoni’s masterclass behind the stumps. On the other hand, we got to know the ugly exchange between Shannon Gabriel and Joe Root. That’s why England all-rounder Moeen Ali is backing the idea of turning up the stump mics as he said, “It’s time for people to behave themselves,”.

 “Turn the stump mics up. Why turn them down? So people can swear? There is no reason to get personal.” he told British media.

The 31-year-old also recalled the incident during the Cardiff Ashes Test when he was sledged by the Australian player. Moeen has explained the whole episode in his autobiography published in 2018. The Australian got away with it due to lack of evidence and claimed that he said “Take that part-timer” instead of “Take that Osama”.

He also shared his opinion on the recent controversial exchange between Root-Gabriel,

“It’s a shame, because Shannon Gabriel is a really nice guy and a quiet person… But it’s the way society is: things come out of people’s mouths. You’re not going to get away with it now. You have to be careful.”

Cricket fans are suckers for amazing banter on field and so is Ali as he doesn’t have a problem players sledging each other as long as it is within boundaries.

“Imagine all the legendary old stories, if we had them recorded,” Moeen said. “We can do the same now. It doesn’t have to be swearing. Keep it funny. We want people to be attracted to the game. There’s brilliant ways to sledge. If you don’t think they are good, tell them. Sledge them about their cricket. Just don’t go personal. Turn the mics up!”

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