Tete-e-tete over beer 2.0: This time Gayle finds company in Didier Drogba!

Chris Gayle having a 'whale off a time', this time with Didier Drogba.

Self-proclaimed ‘World Boss’ loves his beer. Yesterday, in Dubai he had a beer session with singer Shaggy, a Jamaican. Last night, the venue was the same, but only the partner was changed. He found a companion in the Chelsea man, Didier Drogba. The number 11 striker from Ivory Coast seemed more than happy to oblige a beer. Well, that is the way to party, one may say.

Gayle posted the picture of the two having a ‘whale of a time’. Gayle was seen wearing the same cool tee when he partied with Shaggy. So the dress was the same, only the entity changed. Gayle, also captioned the picture as ‘Real Champion’. Yes, Drogba is a champion and a legend in his own right, also you could get the sense of admiration Gayle has for the belligerent Chelsea striker.

Drogba, on the other hand, seemed casual and suave as ever in an all-black tee teamed with a glass of beer. The soccer player also had his arms around Gayle, suggesting the bond they share.