Team India wants a coach who takes them for shopping, Sunil Gavaskar targets Virat Kohli on Anil Kumble's resignation

Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at Indian players, including Virat Kohli, who forced Anil Kumble to resign from team India's head coach post

A day after Anil Kumble decided against continuing as the head coach of the Indian cricket team, India’s legendary batsman and commentator Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at the players who forced the former Indian spinner to resign, saying those players should be left out of the team. Gavaskar further termed Anil Kumble’s resignation as a sad day for Indian cricket and patted him for doing a great job in his one-year stint.

Under him Indian team register win in five Test series against West Indies, England, New Zealand, Australia and Bangladesh. He recently led India to the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy in England.

While speaking to NDTV about the Anil Kumble’s resignation, the ‘little master’ said: “So you want softies. You want somebody to just tell you, ‘ok boys, don’t practice today because you guys are not feeling well, ok take a holiday, go shopping’. You want that kind of a person. If somebody is a hard taskmaster and he has got you results like Anil Kumble has got over the last one year. If any of the players are complaining, I feel those players are the ones who should be left out of the team.”

Anil Kumble, who picked up 619 wickets in Test cricket, said in press conference, “…I was informed for the first time yesterday by the BCCI that the captain had reservations with my ‘style’ and about my continuing as the head coach. I was surprised since I have always respected the role boundaries between captain and coach. Though the BCCI attempted to resolve the misunderstandings between the captain and me, it was apparent that the partnership was untenable, and I therefore believe it is best for me to move on.”

Reacting on the rift between the captain and the coach, Sunny Gavaskar said: “I have very little knowledge about the differences between Virat and Anil. But it is a really sad day for Indian cricket,” Gavaskar said.

While praising Anil Kumble, who once played with broken jaw, Gavaskar told NDTV: “ India have won everything since the time Anil took over. I can’t see Anil doing much wrong in one year. Difference happens in any team but see at the results.”

According to reports, Kumble, whose one-year tenure was scheduled to end at the conclusion of the ICC Champions Trophy in England and Wales, stayed back in England instead of travelling with the team for their next assignment in the West Indies.

Indian team is scheduled to play 5 One Day Internationals and a T20 match against the West Indies. The series will start from June 23.