Sachin Tendulkar shares life's biggest lesson from Ramakant Achrekar, never heard before anecdote | Watch Video

Sachin Tendulkar shared a video on his Twitter account playing a tribute to his coach Lt. Ramakant Achrekar with an emotional video

On Teachers Day, former Indian cricketer and legend Sachin Tendulkar paid a tribute to his coach Lt. Ramakant Acherakar. Tendulkar recorded a video message and shared it on Twitter. Tendulkar has shown immense respect for his coach who mentored him all along in his career. Right from when Sachin was young, his coach believed in him and the never-heard-before story that Sachin shared shows his mentor’s worth in his life. It was Acherakar’s steady beliefs that made Tendulkar a legend of the game that he is today.

Tendulkar shared his experience from his school days. He said,

I used to play only for Junior’s team in the school and our senior team was playing in Haris Shields Finals at Wankhede Stadium. My coach, Ramakant Acherakar Sir had arranged a practice match for me. After my school hours, he told me that you go there, U have had a word with the captain and he will allow you to bat at No.3, you don’t need to field. That used to be my practice, you learn how to score runs in a match and not in a practice session.

But Tendulkar decided to cheer for his school team.

I left the practice match and watched the Haris Shields Final match from the stands cheering my team, clapping for them and having fun. As the match ended, I saw Acherakar Sir and walked up to him to say ‘Namaste’ and wish him. I went there and greeted him. Sir asked me how many runs I scored in the match? I replied to him that the senior team is playing here and I should cheer and clap for them

Tendulkar did not get the response that he expected from his coach but rather got a lesson for life.

After listening to this Sir scolded me in front of many people and said that You don’t need to clap for others, you take care of your own game and achieve something which makes others clap for you. For me, that was life’s biggest lesson. After that, I did not miss a single match