Sreesanth got 'slapped' again. But this time on Twitter!

A former Indian cricketer opined that 'scam hit' Sreesanth would not make a comeback into the Indian side.

The microblogging site, twitter, suddenly turned into a heated battlefield on February 3, after two Indian cricketers got embroiled in a ‘word-war’ against each other. A series of posts were exchanged between both of them within the 140-character limit and the conversation between them spread like a wildfire, with people started sharing it on their profiles.

The matter happened between cricketer turned commentator, Akash Chopra, and Indian fast bowler S Sreesanth, who has been out of the Indian team for almost 3 years now after he was named in a spot-fixing row during the Indian Premier League season 7.

In recent times, Sreesanth, who has been given a clean chit by the court, has been posting his videos and messages on the social platform so that he could spread the message about his fitness and love towards the game.

Yesterday when a twitter user asked Chopra whether Sreesanth could make a comeback and represent Indian team in near future?

And in reply, the former Indian opener straight away denied and said a big ‘No’.

Another Twitterati then enters and puts his question in Hindi


And finally, finding himself at the receiving end and highly disappointed, Sreesanth entered in the scene and what happened next, you can see it in the below-mentioned tweets.

Now, whether Sreesanth gets the ticket to team India or not, time will exhibit one day, but this heated conversation between the two has taken quite a limelight in the social media.