Should Technology Be Used For Checking No Balls?

You know there is something wrong with umpiring standards when legendary Brian Lara starts backing technology for no-ball calls

Veterans’ voice backing technology to rectify human error in sports has become stronger now. From goal line technology in football to fault calls in tennis, technology has helped in pointing out what naked eye misses. And this is not just about the match-defining missed no ball call in the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Mumbai Indians (MI) clash,  standards of umpiring in international cricket has been a concern of late.

In 2018, umpires failed to detect as many as 12 no-balls during the day’s play of Sri Lanka vs England Test match. In the same match, Ben Stokes was given out twice and then called back because third umpires caught Lakshan Sandakan overstepping the line.

The Lasith Malinga no-ball (the last ball of RCB’s innings) ignored by umpire S Ravi has stirred up a storm after a visibly irritated Virat Kohli slammed him in the post-match interview. The sorry state of umpiring immediately took centrestage as veterans, commentators suggested the use of technology and intervention of third umpire in cases like these.

In a shocking revelation, an unnamed senior Star Official shared his observation with India TV, 

“Having gone through the slow-motion replay of the match feed, I can tell you for certain that Ravi wasn’t even looking at the front foot of the bowler. He was already looking at the batsman,”

If reports are to be believed, umpire Ravi did not execute the basics of his trade. An umpire is supposed to look at the front foot of the bowler first before looking at the batsman. Blunders like these are clearly not acceptable as suggested by cricketers on Twitter,

Maybe cricket can borrow the technology from Tennis where the beeper goes off automatically as soon as there is a service fault. Similarly, if a bowler oversteps, then umpire can depend on the technology to make the decision as replaying every delivery will take time and will lead to lengthier proceedings.

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