Shobhaa De wants women cricketers to not be spoilt like Virat Kohli & Co, gets bashed on Twitter

Shobhaa De makes an unnecessary comment on Indian male cricketers as she wants women cricketers to not be like them post ICC Women World Cup 2017 success

Shobha De once again got trolled on Twitter for her bizarre comments. This time she tried to take a dig at men’s Indian Cricket Team by flashing concern for female cricketers who have been revelling in the limelight after performing wonderfully well in ICC Women’s World Cup 2017. She took to Twitter on August 1 and tweeted, “Oh Lord! Please protect our amazing women cricketers from crass commercialisation and greed that has ruined most of our Boys in blue”.

Her tweet accused the male Indian cricketers of being spoilt and wishes that their female counterpart do not follow their footsteps. By taking potshots at the men in blue, Shobha De has undermined the hard work men’s Indian Cricket Team has put in in the past few years. Seems like she only looked at only setback that the team had in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final and turned a blind eye to the fact that the men’s team reached the top of ICC Test Rankings.

It seems she does not have a clue about the present scenario of cricket in India. Virat Kohli & Co have been dominating world cricket and recently beat the mighty Australians in Border-Gavaskar Trophy to claim the Test mace. Her comments on male cricketers belittle their achievements and the efforts they put in.

Due their iconic performance in WWC 2017, women cricketers have proven that they deserve equal the fame and glory that their male counterparts get. Most tweeps in comments questioned whether Shobhaa De did not want women cricketers to get paid well, or benefit from the recent surge in their popularity and get the recognition they have deserved for their hard work over the years.

Women cricketers might be able to grab numerous endorsement deals due to their recently found stardom but Shobhaa De seems to not want them to get spoiled because of it. Is she trying to imply that legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Virat Kohli and others performed poorly due to advertisements and the money cashed in? History tells otherwise Miss De! I ask you to please check facts before alleging someone.