Shane Warne on #LondonTerrorAttack: It is HORRIFIC

London Terror attack: Warne sympathises for the Westminster terror attack. These attacks are on the high these days because they are easy to organise

Shane Warne is a well travelled and read and has been based in London for five years now. He has been deeply affected it seems as he can understand the feeling the families must be going through. He has always been a regular at London, like many other celebrities. According to the latest reports pouring in, we can confirm that at least five people have died and about 40 people were injured but we are also expecting the figures to increase with time. This was a vehicle-ramming attack, and these attacks are on the high these days because they are easy to organise and hard to stop. This is not the first time an attack has taken place here but it has happened many times in the past. Remember, the London bombings in 2005!

Shane Warne seems to be the only cricketer who has come to the fore and has taken a stand on this entire raging issue. London is usually targeted because the city catches eyeballs. The attacks happened in many parts of London yesterday but the first one took place at the iconic Westminster Bridge and then the vehicle mowed people near the Parliament house.

He has also condemned the attacks calling it ‘horrific’. It is suspected to be an Islamist-inspired attacker who stabbed a policeman close to the British parliament. Trucks were used to devastating effect last year against crowds in Berlin and Nice.