There Is A Specific Reason Why Sachin Tendulkar Refused Doctorate From Jadavpur University

Role model for a reason

If you are an Indian cricket fan, you know this fact about Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. When he was playing, he would walk off the ground himself when he knew he was out. He would not wait for umpire’s decision, he would not care what the stakes are. If he knew he was out, he would leave the crease straightaway. That is Sachin Tendulkar for you. A man of integrity.

In a country where politicians forge fake degrees to show their educational qualification, former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar chose to refuse the doctorate from Jadavpur University citing ‘ethical reasons’.

It is not the first time Tendulkar has refused a doctorate. In 2011, Tendulkar refused an equivalent offer from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGHUS). Not only RGHUS, Tendulkar has also rejected a proposal from Oxford University.

According to News18, vice-chancellor of Jadavpur University, Suranjan Das disclosed that Tendulkar informed them that he won’t be accepting the offer in an email. The 45-year-old further explained himself by saying that he does not accept an honour from any university irrespective of it’s stature.

Das interpreted Tendulkar’s refusal. He said,

“What Tendulkar actually meant was that since he hasn’t earned it, he feels that it would be morally wrong for him to accept the D. Lit”

JU students were disheartened by the news as they were looking forward to see their idol in the campus. One of the arts students Pranjoy Sen said,

“I am a great fan of Sachin sir and I really wanted to meet him for his autograph. It is sad that he is not coming,”

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After Master Blaster’s refusal, the D. Lit will now be conferred to Indian’s champion boxer Mary Kom. Not taking anything away from Mary, but Tendulkar is a man of principles and should be respected for his decision.