Sachin Tendulkar makes LinkedIn debut after four years of his retirement!

Sachin Tendulkar's revelations on post-retirement life after March 2, 2013, and how he coped with it will melt your hearts to the core

Sachin Tendulkar shares his feelings in a write up as he joined LinkedIn after four years of his retirement. The highest run-scorer in Test and ODI format, the man with most centuries in International Cricket than anyone took his first step towards LinkedIn and becoming an Indian sportsperson who will inspire millions through this platform.

Tendulkar’s write-up includes his story of retiring from all forms of international cricket and what prompted him to take this decision. He shared the feelings he used to have each day post-retirement from cricket and how he used to pick himself up during Champions Trophy of October 2013. Here are a few excerpts from his write up which are as inspiring as the legend himself.

Tendulkar wrote, “My mornings would start with a gym workout, a routine I had been following for 24 years. But that morning in October, something had changed. Were these signs… signs that I should stop? Signs that the game that has been so dear to me, would no longer be a part of my daily routine? Suddenly I knew exactly what he meant. My mind and my body were telling me the same thing. Maybe, it’s time to hang up my boots,”

The Master Blaster also shared his motivation post-retirement when he adopted a village, he wrote further, “One of the highlights of my post-cricket years has been the adoption of Puttamraju Kandriga, a village in Andhra Pradesh. Seeing the village don a new look after two years of intensive infrastructural development had a joy that can’t be put into words. Arrangements to tap solar energy have been made in over 73 villages and nearly 25,000 people have been impacted by the same. The mission to ‘light up’ homes across the length and breadth of the country will continue.”

He also talked about the positives of retirement as he wrote, “Now, I have more time for my family, to travel, pursue my passions and focus on things that are close to my heart, ones that I can now explore. The love and affection from fans has remained unchanged, the chants still resonate and appear wherever I travel, which is amazing and something for which I am eternally grateful.”