Rohit Sharma recalls his prank when Sri Lankan fan kissed Ajinkya Rahane in dressing room | Watch Video

Rohit Sharma shares an insight to the funny dressing room stories and how he loves to play prank on teammates with Ajinkya Rahane one being his favourite

We have heard stories of players pulling pranks on teammates which have turned out to be hilarious when unfolded in an interview. Indian opener Rohit Sharma shares a similar story which eventually ended up in a laugh riot in the dressing room. This incident is from India’s tour of Sri Lanka in 2015. One of the biggest Sri Lankan fan commonly known as ‘Percy Uncle’ kissed Ajinkya Rahane in the dressing room. Rohit shared that Percy Uncle is always full of life, dancing and sharing facts and stories about Indian players touring Sri Lanka.

Rohit said in Vikram Sathaye’s show ‘What the Duck Season 2’ that Percy Uncle likes to kiss players for some strange reason. Rohit admitted that he pushed Rahane forward before the Lunch time was over. He fooled Rahane by telling him that he is a big fan and wants to hug you and has been insisting on meeting you.

Rahane who was unaware of the fact early on tried to resist meeting him but Percy Uncle took him in his arms and forcibly kissed him on the cheeks multiple times. Rahane too gave in to his fate against Percy Uncle as Rohit pulled off one of his most memorable pranks of all time. The video went viral in 2015 and has been doing rounds on the internet since Rohit shared the story on the show.

In the video, current skipper Virat Kohli seems to be having fun and partaking with Rohit while in the background Murali Vijay and Wriddhiman Saha are left in splits. When Rahane was resisting, Kohli caught hold of him and said, “abe jaa”. The Indian dressing room was full of laughter as Rahane fell prey to Rohit’s prank.

Rohit went on to reveal a few more things in the dressing room from his early days in cricket touring for India A and how he fooled teammate Pragyan Ojha as well.