Rib tickler: Harsha Bhogle at his sarcastic best, trolls Bangladesh's 'out of the blue' DRS!

When Harsha Bhogle trolled the Bangladeshis opting for the DRS.

Harsha Bhogle may not have played cricket at a serious level, but his assessment is highly regarded in the cricketing circles.

India is playing Bangladesh at home, which is the visitors first Test in in Indian soil, so a historic moment for Bangladesh.

During the first days play, Bangladeshi captain-cum wicket-keeper Mushfiqur Rahim made an error in judgement by opting for the DRS, when it was very obvious that Virat had met the ball with the middle of the bat. It was not expected from Rahim to take the DRS, but he took it instantly, even without consulting the bowler, who was not interested in an appeal as he had got a clear sight of what had happened.

This caught the attention of Harsha Bhogle who was quick to note it and express what he felt. His tweet read, “It is already looking like the ‘waiting for declaration’ phase for Bangladesh. That is when runs become easier and the match is closed.”

That was not it, he pushed it a step further and tweeted, ” This DRS…..not quite Bangladesh’s cup of tea?”

It must be said that Harsha managed to sum it up pretty well, yes, the Bangladeshi body language actually suggested that they had accepted destiny and were waiting when will they get a chance to bat.

Let wind up by saying all good if taken in good humour.