Remember 'Wonder Boy' Pranav Dhanawade? His Story Is Now A Chapter In CBSE Books

The kind of stories we need in kids' textbooks to teach them the importance of humility and hard work

Mumbai ‘wonder boy’ Pranav Dhanawade burst into the cricketing scene with his record-breaking innings of 1,009 runs in a school game in January 2016. Dhanawade’s knock came in the Inter School Under-16 Bhandari Trophy.

The young lad has had numerous ups and down in his journey. At one point he even thought of giving up on cricket but managed to make headlines with a double century in an Inter-College tournament.

His innings of 1,009 runs was an inspiration to many. The impact was such that his story has been added as a chapter in Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) syllabus for the next academic year.

The 18-year-old was rather ‘shocked’ when he got the news, he said in an interview with Mid-Day,

This is totally unexpected. I never even thought that my feat would become a lesson in a school textbook. When a friend called to inform me about it, I was shocked. I immediately went through the book. The story is spread across two pages along with my photos after achieving the record. The book is not yet available to students as it is part of the next year’s syllabus. Currently, it’s only available for teachers who need to prepare for next year.

After the inclusion he is determined to perform and focus on his goals, he said,

This is like a fresh chapter in my life. It is a huge motivation for me to not just upgrade my playing level but to also re-focus on my goal because after reading my achievement, young children will try to emulate me

He is looking to make a comeback after reworking on his technique with former Mumbai coach Sulakshan Kulkarni, he added,

It’s time now for me to forget that record and just focus on improving my game. Presently, I’m working on my fitness in preparation for the Kanga League. Sulakshan [Kulkarni] sir has been helping me a lot with issues like my stance and grip.

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This recognition might give his career a boost.