Rahul Dravid spotted standing in queue at a science fair. Twitterati hail him for his humble gesture

After coming across this post, the Twitterati couldn't stop themselves from praising Dravid's gesture. Here's what they said

We all know why Rahul Dravid is also known as the ‘Wall’ of Indian cricket. The former Indian skipper has set numerous batting records and considered as one of the Indian batting legends. Apart from his batting heroics, he is also known for his humble nature and a simple lifestyle he has off the field. And recently, a picture went viral on the social media which proved how much down to earth he is.

In that picture, Dravid could be seen standing in queue with some kids and their parents. The image was shared on a Twitter handle under the name South Canara and the caption read: “That’s Rahul Dravid in a queue with his kids at a science exhibition. No show off; no page 3 attitude; no celebrity airs; no “do you know who I am?” looks; Queueing just like any other normal parent… really admirable…

Here’s the picture:

This picture was shared on November 23 on Twitter and have garnered more than 15,000 likes in a day’s time. After coming across this post, the Twitterati couldn’t stop themselves from praising Dravid’s gesture. Here’s what they said:

This is not the first time that Rahul Dravid’s humble gesture became the talk of the town. According to several media records, during the 2016 under-19 World Cup, he went up to speak to the Canadian players after they were defeated to India. The then coach Dravid told them they didn’t lose because they are not talented but they played under different conditions.