Peter Handscomb on Steven Smith's BRAIN FADE: Inexperience, not dishonesty, led to the incident

India v Australia Test: This statement by Peter Handscomb comes in after ICC has given a clean chit to Virat Kohli and Steven Smith

Peter Handscomb has been very vocal about the incident ever since it came to light. Peter Handscomb in a statement yesterday defended his skipper Steven Smith by taking the blame on himself. He said he had asked Steven Smith to look towards the dressing room, looking for help. Steven Smith made it very clear in the press conference that it happened in the spur of the moment and admitted it was ‘brain fade’ on his part. Virat Kohli had earlier said in his fiery press conference nearly used the word ‘cheater’ for Steven Smith. He did not utter the word but made it more than clear what he felt about the entire tale.

Peter Handscomb in an interview to Cricket Australia has said, ” I am young to the international circuit. I have not had a lot to do with the DRS, as well. Now, of course I am a lot more familiar with it. We were caught completely unawares. Now I am well and truly informed.”

He further added, ” We will go about our business and not get involved in verbal duels. We know we are definitely not cheating.”

This statement by the batsman comes in after ICC has given a clean chit to Virat Kohli and Steven Smith. Earlier, BCCI had asked ICC to take stern action against the ace Australian batsman.