Watch: People want Sachin Tendulkar to be the 'President of India', we are not kidding!

There have been a total of 13 Presidents of India after we got our freedom, but, there has not been one sportsperson who has made it to the list

No, we did not click bait you with that headline. On Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday’s eve, we actually went to the ground and asked them how would they feel if the ‘God of Cricket’, Sachin Tendulkar would become the ‘President of India’. Presidential elections are just around the corner, so we though, it would be interesting to see whether people back a sportsperson who carried the weight of his team for two decades, is suitable enough to become the President.

To be honest, people were a little taken aback when they were asked this question. But, as soon as the question sank in, people actually replied. They felt that Sachin can be a good candidate, even the people who were not his fans responded in an affirmative manner as soon as we asked, “Do you want Sachin Tendulkar as the next President of India?”

It is the respect that Sachin has earned over the years, no just with his performance but for being the perfect ambassador of the game he has been on and off the field.

Whereas a few took their time to answer the question when we tried to get their reaction but, a few them almost answered it with a ‘YES’ in a reflex action.

On Master Blaster’s 44th birthday eve it was satisfying to know that people still have respect for the person who gave a lifetime to his country and the game. On a serious note, the master has proved to be generous off the field, he has adopted villages, imparting resources to develop them and ensured that it is done in time.

Recently, he stopped his car midway and urged youngsters to wear helmet while driving two wheelers, teaching them a thing or two about road safety.

Sachin is the kind of person who is respected by all generations, when he speaks, people listen, register and act on it. It is not just his fan following but the respect he has earned over the years.

For those who feel that Sachin is not from a political background and how would he deal with international matters, they should know that neither was Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. But, he loved what he did, the scientist was one of the most generous and philosophical President.

If India could give a chance to Sachin Tendulkar, they must, you never know the potential he has and what he could do to take his beloved country forward.

P.S. Do not forget to wish him Happy Birthday.

Fans’ tribute to Sachin Tendulkar!Wish you a very Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar