Pakistan crowd disrespect World XI players, walk out of the stadium before the match ended | Watch Video

A part of Pakistan crowd did not care to stay until the end of the match as they decided to leave the Gadaffi Stadium during Pakistan vs World XI T20I

In the world of cricket, the home crowd usually begins to sparse out towards the end of a match, when they feel that their side is going to inevitably lose. But, it was a rare sight at Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore on Tuesday, September 12, as the crowd decided to leave the stadium a few hours before the match ended, even though the hosts eventually won the game by 20 runs. The World XI players had come a long way to play for a cause, that is, to bring back international cricket to Pakistan, a country that is crazy about the sport, despite the country having a history of security issues. Even they would not have expected this kind of behaviour from the Pakistan supporters.

Even before the first T20I of Independence Cup had begun, the tickets were sold out. The Gadaffi stadium was jam packed during the opening ceremony of the three-match T20I series. The Pakistan crowd cheered for their team as they posted 197 for 4 in the first innings after being put to bat first by World XI skipper Faf du Plessis. But in the second innings, the game got pretty one-sided as World XI players could not keep up with the required rate and kept losing wickets.

Though it became a rather one-sided affair, the Pakistan crowd ought to have stayed there to acknowledge the presence of World XI players and their efforts. More importantly, they ought to have backed their team as they won the first T20I. But, they probably went off to avoid traffic.

Pakistani sports journalist Fazeela Saba posted a video on Twitter a few overs before the match ended where one can clearly see that the crowd had begun to disperse.

Here are a few reactions on Twitter after Saba posted the video

In case of the accusations that the video had been pre-recorded, Saba was in the media box the whole time and even posted a few pictures and videos from there and outside the stadium.

If cricket is to return to Pakistan in future they will need the support of their home base. This was a match the hosts had won with a few hours before the final over. One can imagine how they would react if Pakistan were losing the game in a one-sided affair.