Weirdest Dismissal Ever? Daryl Mitchell Given Out LBW Despite Edging The Ball

Snickometer > Hotspot, hence proved!

Decision Review System (DRS) has been a blessing and curse for players reviewing the decision. But what is a batsman supposed to do when the third umpire ignores conclusive evidence and rules him as out anyway? Third umpire Shaun Baig took a howler of a decision when he called out for Daryl Mitchell’s leg before wicket despite the hotspot showing that he inside edged the ball onto the pads.

The controversial decision was taken on the last ball of the 6th over today. Krunal Pandya came round the wicket to Daryl Mitchell and bowled to his pads trapping him in front of the wickets. To the naked eye, it looked like there was an inside edge. Mitchell took the review after talking to Kane Williamson.

The DRS showed no edge on the snickometer, but a clear deflection on the hotspot. As soon as players and the umpires looked at the big screen, it was clear that Mitchell was not out. But then the umpire raised his finger which baffled the New Zealand skipper as he threw his hands up in the air in disbelief.

Indian players, skipper Rohit Sharma had a long discussion but decided to go with the umpire’s decision. According to the rules, in order to overturn an on-field umpire’s decision there needs to be conclusive decision. Snickometer didn’t show the edge but hotspot did. We don’t know whether it’s by the rules or not but it sure looked not out.

Twitter was flooded with reactions after the abysmal decision:

Just think about it

DRS has failed again

Really long time

Really complicated

Do you agree with him?

It also provided meme material to Tweeps

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