Not just Virat Kohli's super sixes, but THIS picture stole the show during the India vs Pakistan match

India vs Pakistan: As India beats Pakistan by 125 runs in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, this picture is winning hearts on the internet

While politics seem to divide people in India, Cricket is one sport that unites people from every caste and religion in this country. And when it is India vs Pakistan, people across the country unite to pray for India’s win against Pakistan. Because, every India vs Pakistan match is filled with tension, anxiety and full of such amazing moments that you can cherish for the longest period of time.

In the recent years, India vs Pakistan match has thrown a number of incredible moments that tell you what a match between two arch-rivals is all about. One such moment was captured in yesterday’s India vs Pakistan match. India crushed Pakistan by beating them in the ICC Champions Trophy by 124 runs under the leadership of the captain of the Indian Cricket team, Virat Kohli at Edgbaston.

While celebrations were galore post-India’s win against Pakistan, people just could not stop talking about this absolutely delightful picture from the match.


You can see a man wrapped in the Indian tricolour sitting with a woman with Pakistan’s flag sitting on the stands and simply enjoying the game of cricket. While the man was supporting India, the lady with him was supporting the Pakistani cricket team only to highlight the beauty of this match.While the people across India and Pakistan stood divided hoping their team wins, these two on the stands sat together to laud the spirit of the game. We don’t know whether they are a couple or just mere friends supporting two different teams together, but we do know that this was one of the most memorable moments in the high-voltage match that will be remembered for the longest period of time.