Not Just Smith and Lehmann, MS Dhoni Too Got Emotional on March 29. Here's Why

It hardly happens when cricketers break down during a public appearance. On March 29, the cricket world was taken over by these cricketers' emotions

March 29, 2018.

It was just a common day for anybody else out there until some renowned cricketing personalities turned emotional while addressing press conferences. The social media was completely taken over by these multiple incidents. The first in the afternoon when the Australian skipper lost the control on his emotions and broke down repeatedly in front of the media. Steven Smith was guilty of the mistake he committed and it was all on his face. The great sandpaper gate has already given enough shocks to the cricket fans. But it turned out to be nothing against watching a modern-era cricketing great in tears.

Smith (along with David Warner and Cameron Bancroft) was asked by Cricket Australia’s CEO, James Sutherland to return home with immediate effect. He held a press conference as soon as he landed in Sydney where he took the responsibility of the ball-tampering saga and termed his leadership a ‘huge failure’.

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Here’s what he said:

The former cricketers and several fans across the globe seemed highly disappointed watching Smith in such a way. A few hours later to this presser, another Australian team member had tears in his eyes while speaking on the whole incident. This time, it was the head coach, Darren Lehmann.

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Though he had said a day before that he won’t step down from his post but he was disturbed after he saw Smith, Bancroft and Warner in a state of pain and guilt. He resigned from his position and admitted that ‘saying goodbye is the toughest thing I have had to do.’

He duly accepted his responsibility for the team’s culture.

Here’s the video of his press conference:

Well, the Australians are going through a really bad phase. But at the same time, the cricket fraternity expects these cricketers to recover with time and get back more strong.

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Meanwhile, in India, it was the Chennai Super Kings captain who got emotional while addressing the media ahead of the eleventh edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). He was there to speak on CSK’s return after a ban of 2 years. Dhoni revealed how emotional it was ‘not seeing himself in yellow’ while his voice choked as he turned emotional.

Here’s the video:

It has been two years since CSK wasn’t part of this tournament. Now, when Dhoni has donned the yellow jersey again and is ready to lead a bunch of talented players, the Chennai fans are excited to see him back as a leader.